Welcome to Sea-Ark.

Sea Ark has invented a groundbreaking gas technology for inflatable products, and is looking to implement this technology to different products from all over the world.

Sea Ark was founded in 2017 by Prof. Moshe Shoham, a world-renowned authority in the field of Robotics.

Innovative Gas Technology

Sea-Ark developed proprietary technology for inflatable products – With no need for Co2 cylinders.

The company’s novel technology introduces a new concept of inflation that is low-pressure, lightweight, compact and safe. 

Sea-Ark’s technological platform enables design flexibility as well as affordable solutions, addressing wide market potential.

Key Advantages

Reduced Costs – The use of plastic containers  allows flexibility in the container’s shape and form – and thus potential reduced costs in the products’ design.

Safety – The technology does not envolve any kind of explosion, the swallowing of the float is slower (Few seconds), and thus safer to use.

Comfort – The plastic containers allows the products to be small and compact, and reduce the interference with swimming significantly.

Enviromental Safety – Replacing the metal conatiners makes the products potentially 100% recycble, and with no C02 cartridge.

Drowning - A Leading Cause Of Death

  • An estimated 360,000 fatal cases of drowning every year.
  • Considered the 3rd leading unintentional injury killer.
  • For every child that dies from drowning, there are five which recieve emergency department care for non-fatal submersion injuries.

Contact Us

Address – 1st Haeshel St. Industries Park Ceasarea, Israel. Postal Code 3089900.