Welcome to Sea-Ark

Established in 2017 with the mission of applying innovative technology to the field of water safety in order to prevent drownings.

Sea-Ark has developed a groundbreaking, slick, safe recyclable proprietary technology for leisure and professional buoyancy, rescue and safety floating devices. “Embrace” is a compact, slick lightweight, safe , easy to use armband with an immediate internal inflation mechanism (no Co2 cartridge).  

Sea Ark was founded  by Prof. Moshe Shoham, a worldwide authority on the field of Robotics.

Drowning - A Leading Cause Of Death Worldwide

  • An estimated 360,000 fatal cases of drowning every year.
  • Considered the 3rd leading unintentional injury killer.
  • For every child that dies from drowning, there are five which recieve emergency department care for non-fatal submersion injuries.

Embrace - Our Solution

Embrace was invented by Prof. Moshe Shoham. It is a compact and comfortable flotation device. 

Here are it’s key attributes:

  • Compact and lightweight armband.
  • Low-Cost and affordable.
  • No interference with swimming.
  • Multi-Use.
  • Internal inflation mechanism (No C02 cartridge).
  • Suits for both adults and children.
  • 3 years of shelf life.
  • Visual indicator to ensure product reliablity.
  • Quality inspection is made for all products.

Who Is The Product Meant For?

The product is meant for people in all ages – The activation of the float is simple and can be done by children. 

The product is affordable and was made with the intention to be purchased by anyone who wants to go to the beach.

Our Technology

More to come in the future.

About The Founder - Prof. Moshe Shoham

Sea Ark was founded  by Prof. Moshe Shoham, a worldwide authority on Robotics, head of the Technion robotics lab, founder of Mazor Robotics (acquired by Medtronic), co-founder of Microbot Medical (Nasdaq:MBOT) and a member of the US National Academy of Science. 

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