Key Advantages

  • Reduced Costs– Sea-Ark’s gas containers may be designed in many different shapes & sizes – This can reduce costs significantly, both in design and manufacture of floatation devices.
  • Safety –  Products designed with Sea-Ark’s technology don’t have to involve any kind of explosion, also, the buoys inflate slower than normal – and thus are safer to use.
  • Compact Products – No interference with swimming, suits both adults and children.
  • 100% Recyclable – The products created with Sea-Ark’s technology are 100% recyclable – Replacing the metal cylinders, which cannot be recycled.
27 ml gas container


*The product below was created by Sea-Ark and is only a demonstration of the benefits of our technology.

Sea-Ark has developed “Embrace” – a safe, slick, proprietary product for rescue and safety purposes, intended for leisure and professional swimmers. 

2020_Aug_30_Sea ark Addons V4